16 Surprisingly Intimate Things You Only Reveal In A Secure Relationship

Thought Catalog

Leo HidalgoLeo Hidalgo

1. Your hygiene frequency. You reveal how often you actually shower, how long it takes you to straighten, or curl or gel your hair. You see how often your partner actually brushes their teeth, and if they ever stop to floss.

2. The times of day you prefer to have sex. You will reveal yourself to be a morning sex, post-party sex, before meals or gatherings, or an afternoon sex person. Or maybe you’re all of the above, in which case God bless.

3. The bizarre things you find funny. They will become your best friend in that they will learn what will always get a laugh out of you. And they’ll know how to use it to get out of tight spots.

4. Your fears. Your fears about what’s coming next, about your job, your life and even your fears about your relationship. You will share it…

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